We have created beautiful models since 1978.

Kera Ceramika has 40 years of experience, thanks to which we have successfully combined tradition with modern production technologies. We started with handwork and will never forget our roots. Today, we offer top-quality industrial ceramics, tableware & cookware, advertising and decorative ceramics. We are the largest manufacturer of mulled wine drinkware in the country.

Kera Ceramika was established in 1978 when the first pieces of functional ceramics were designed by Józef Rajzer. The designs got positive response from ethnographers and soon started to be sold by Cepelia (Polish Arts & Handcrafts) shops. Since then, we have been constantly expanding our range of products and modernizing our production facilities. In the 1980s, we used to manufacture fashionable flower pots and pot covers decorated with white and black glaze. In the early 90s, thanks to automated manufacturing process, we started to sell mugs, cups and plates. Advertising ceramics with custom prints were an essential part of our assortment at the time. During this period, we have successfully introduced a wide range of glaze colours, both matt and glossy.

The end of the 90s was a breakthrough moment for us – we started to manufacture tableware for restaurants, taverns and pizzerias. This line was very much welcomed by the market, and it continues to be developed. In 2005, we had to move to larger premises in Wilkowice due to increasing number of orders. Mulled wine drinkware, yerba mate cups and ceramic packaging turned out to be equally successful products. In 2011, we ran out of space again, so we decided to build a brand new manufacturing plant with an area of 1600m² in the Wilkowice Economic Activity Zone. The plant has modern technical facilities, its own design department and a pattern shop. Here, we work on new designs and models as well as custom made tableware. In 2018, we decided to change firing kilns from electric kilns to gas-fired kilns, which allowed us to increase production output.